Stoyko Monev

Filmmaker. Digital Storyteller. Content Creator. 

Stoyko is creating modern, aesthetic, vibrant video images, paired with thrilling storytelling. 

From content creation to production, to marketing strategies working worldwide in various areas, Stoyko is helping companies grow digital footprint.

His mission is to create stories that touch the human soul.

Currently based in London, UK, Stoyko describes himself as a visionary and explorer. 

His heart lies in reimagining the world through art and spirituality.

With his adventurous spirit and the love for exploring the world, he lived in six different countries in three continents discovering new cultures, sharing amazing experiences and building beautiful friendships.

His desire is to work with people and organizations that focus on elevating humanity.


With a large network of professional leaders in the business, Stoyko Monev Film Production is able to produce projects of any size and needs.


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