About Me - Stoyko Monev

I’m Stoyko Monev and I'm Digital Media Creator. I work worldwide with entrepreneurs and companies to spread their vision to the world.

I help convey powerful storytelling through video and photography, applying marketing and sales strategies, so you and your business can build brand awareness.

My passion is to produce engaging, clear, strong, beautiful stories which touch the human soul.

In my work, I combine personal relationship, passionate vision and honest understanding to take you where you want to go on your journey.

My ambition is to design an art that inspires and speaks thousands of words. I love to collaborate with people and organisations that focus on pushing humanity forward.

"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Stoyko. He is very friendly and put people at ease when they are in front of the camera. He is always willing to do a great job and he is patient with clients, something that is key when doing this type of work. I'm happy with the work he has produced and I'd recommend him”

          Ernesto Moreno - Consultant and Entrepreneur

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